How To Order

How To Order

Online shopping made easy peasy! Follow these simple steps with picture tutorial on how to place an order on our site.


Step 1:
Login to your account to begin shopping. For first-timers, it would only take 5 minutes to register!

Step 2:
Select the production option (size of your choice)

Step 3:
Click 'Add to Cart' to have the item saved in your shopping bag


Step 4:
When you are done browsing and would like to 'View Chat'


Step 5:
Click 'Shipping & Taxes' to get Free Postage to Malaysia area

Step 6:
Click 'Continue Shopping' to resume browsing for more items before completing your purchase

Step 7:
Click 'Check-Out' to when you are done browsing 


Step 8:
Fill in all the Delivery information (important is correct with Post Code)


Step 9:
Select a payment method to your convenience (Bank Transfer / Credit Card / Direct Debit / PayPal)

Step 10:
Click 'Terms & Conditons' 

Step 11:
Check if all listed details are correct and click 'Continue'  confirm order to finish the shopping process!


What's Next?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order with the payment details in accordance to the payment method that has been selected. If you did not receive the e-mail, kindly check your junk / spam folder.


Remark 01 :
After payment please SMS or WhatsApp to confirm payment has be received, Thanks.
Phone Number : 0165593957
Email : [email protected]

Remark 03 :
All the order will post out every week day MONDAY to FRIDAY (Exclude Public Holiday).
After post within 2-4 working days will arrive to you delivery address.
Express delivery : POSLAJU